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Download your ESS Project Vol IV Instruments and User Support (pdf file, 2.7 MB, last update May 15. 2002) and view the Reference Instrument Suite poster gallery.

The ESS Instrumentation Task Group has been established by the current ESS Instrumentation Task Leaders in October 2000. The group is organized to assess the opportunities for generic instrument groups on the ESS and determine the optimum target station combinations.
The first work package of the ESS Instrumentation Task for the period Oct. 2000 - Aug. 2001 was presented to the ESS Council. It has been updated in Dec. 2001.

Meetings of the ESS Instrumentation Task Group were held on Oct. 17.-18. 2000 in Berlin, Feb. 16. 2001 in London, Sept. 11. 2001 in Munich and March 18.-19. 2002 in Grenoble.

The reference instrument suite presented and discussed at the latest meeting in Grenoble is presented to the interested public as

To develop the ESS instrument requirements the following drafts and papers were presented at the London meeting: Appendix to minutes of London meeting: Reports of the instrument groups to the ESS-SAC in Engelberg, May 2001:

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