Models: Guides

European Spallation Source-Initiative (ESS-I)

ESS-I workshop on instruments for ESS

Curved guides

McStas models: Cold gudies S-type ILL_H142, SM (m=2) ILL_H113, Ni58 ILL_H53, Ni ILL_H15
thermal guide ILL_H24
Related Reports and Papers

  1. Guide study ILL report [Farhi, ILL/DS/CS-EF/08] cold and thermal guides
  2. Advanced guide geometry [Schanzer NOP 2004]
  3. Optimisation of guide exits by combining MC simulations and optimising routines [Lieutenant Phys B 2004]
  4. Optimization using MC instrument simulation codes [Lieutenant, J Phys Cond Matt 2005]
  5. Cold neutrons beam line at SNS [Huffman, J. Res. NIST 2005]. See also [Takeyasu arXiv 2006]

E. Farhi
Rencurel, Vercors, France -  Sept. 11-15, 2006 Modified: Sept 5th, 2006