Models: Spectroscopy

European Spallation Source-Initiative (ESS-I)

ESS-I workshop on instruments for ESS

Disk Chopper Spectrometer

McStas models: LET in5 Focus

Fermi Chopper Spectrometer

Vitess model: HET

Back-scattering Spectrometer

McStas models: OSIRIS

Spin-echo Spectrometer

Vitess model: NRSE short-pulse

Related Reports and Papers

Simulation of OSIRIS and IRIS (M. Telling, ISIS). See also PCCP 2004 [ps]
Simulation of IRIS [Zsigmond, NIM A 2001]. See also [M Adams, ISIS 2005]
Time-focused crystal analyzer spectrometer [Carpenter, PCCP 2005]
ARCS at SNS [Fultz, SNS 2001]
Backscattering at ESS [Bordallo, NIM A 2002]
Simulation of LET [Kaspar Hewitt Kleno, Risoe, 2006]

NSE chopper system at SNS [Richter, SNS 2004]. See also [Ohl, Phys B 2004]
Simulations of a convergent bender as neutron polariser for NSE spectrometers [Manoshin, Phys B 2003]
Complex polarised optics simulations [PhD manuscript from S. Manoshin 2005, pdf]
Polarized neutrons for pulsed neutron sources [Anderson, J Neut Research 2005]

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