(neut instr simulation)

European Spallation Source-Initiative (ESS-I)

ESS-I workshop on instruments for ESS

Here are a few selected papers dealing with neutron instrument simulations for spallation sources and others.


Simulation of OSIRIS and IRIS (M. Telling, ISIS). See also PCCP 2004 [ps]
Simulations of a convergent bender as neutron polariser for NSE spectrometers [Manoshin, Phys B 2003]
Complex polarised optics simulations [PhD manuscript from S. Manoshin 2005, pdf]
Simulation of IRIS [Zsigmond, NIM A 2001]. See also [M Adams, ISIS 2005]
Chinese Spallation Neutron Source [Zhang, J Neut Research 2005]
Optimization using MC instrument simulation codes [Lieutenant, J Phys Cond Matt 2005]
Time-focused crystal analyzer spectrometer [Carpenter, PCCP 2005]
Characterization and modelling of imperfect crystals for thermal neutron diffraction [Alianelli, PhD manuscript 2002]
ARCS at SNS [Fultz, SNS 2001]

Optimisation of guide exits by combining MC simulations and optimising routines [Lieutenant Phys B 2004]
Backscattering at ESS [Bordallo, NIM A 2002]
SANS at ESS (K. Lieutenant, NIM A 2005)
Monte Carlo simulation of NSE at reactor and spallation sources (Zsigmond, ICANS XV 2000)
Single Xtal and diffraction at spallation sources [Zsigmond, Appl. Phys A 2002]
Polarized neutrons for pulsed neutron sources [Anderson, J Neut Research 2005]
Reflectometers at spallation sources [Fritzsche, J Neut Research, 2003]. See also [Lieutenant Appl Phys A 2002]
NSE chopper system at SNS [Richter, SNS 2004]. See also [Ohl, Phys B 2004]


Moderators for JSNS [Tamura, ICANS 2003]
Cold neutrons beam line at SNS [Huffman, J. Res. NIST 2005]. See also [Takeyasu arXiv 2006]
High Resolution Chopper Spectrometer at JSNS [Ohoyama Appl Phys A 2002]
SINQ diffractometer DMC [Keller ActaCryst 2005]
MACS monochromator at SNS [Smee, Appl Phys 2002]
Tomography beam line at PSI [Kuhne, NIM A 2005]
HYSPEC TOF spectrometrer at SNS [Shapiro ICANS XVI 2003] See also [ICNS 2005 Shapiro and Ghosh]
Advanced guide geometry [Schanzer NOP 2004]
DYANA TOH at J-PARC [Taku J Neut Res 2005]
Comparison of spectrometers at SNS [Granroth, ICANS 2003]
Multi chopper spectrometer at JPARC [Nakajima, Hanaro 2005]
Polarised beam line at PSI [Zejma NIM A 2005]
Powder Diffractometers at JPARC [Ishigaki J Neut Res 2005]
Drabkin filter for pulse shaping at JPARC [Yamazaki, J Neut Res. 2005]. See also PhD from Manoshin.
LADI@H112+most ILL guides: horizontally and vertically curved guide, general comments about ILL sources and guides [ILL DS/CS/EF-08 (2004)]

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